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Prior to accepting any tattoo project, I ask that you email me using the contact page or the button below, and that my clients be the kind of person who is relaxed focused and passive. I don’t mesh well with demanding or overly picky people. My Ideal client just wants art that came from another soul inspired by them.

Send Design request

Send a full description (keep it clear, point form is best) of what you want for artwork: Include; body placement, coverage, color or greyscale and of course subject matter. If I have not responded to your email within a couple weeks you may retry (as much as you wish) and if I have still not responded it’s because I feel the project is not suited to my style or ability at this time (or I’m dead). I am VERY CASUAL about checking email (sometimes as little as once a month) as I try to balance my personal time and well being with my hectic schedule. Thanks for your understanding.


I am looking for new and interesting concepts rather than rehashing the same old tattoo ideas, so please be creative and open minded. Please note I design in photo-realism (I manipulate and compose my designs from photos of people, places, animals, and  objects.)


If you want to guarantee you’ll get a tattoo from me then let me just create something I want to do. In other words – free reign. I can base it on a word (beauty, love, hate, greed, etc.) or a belief/ideal (such as social issues, world views). I want to stay fresh with energy for your future ink!

Do not expect me to create what you see in your mind as that will only lead to frustration. If you like and respect my art, then that is why you should commission me. I know “you want what you want” but you wouldn’t ask Van Gogh to paint you a picture then tell him to change it to look more like a Da Vinci, would you? So be specific about all the elements you want because I will design your tattoo based on that. The way I feel it represents my art best.  Or better yet, just tell me the basics and let me do my thing. I will enjoy creating it for you so much more and you will get a far better tattoo from me.


When it comes time to see your design ( emailed to you just before your tattoo date) and for some reason you want to make SMALL changes, I will likely be OK with it. If I put everything you wanted in the design and you just “don’t like it” then you will be required to pay hourly for a new design as I usually take a whole day off work to design for my clients. REMEMBER – this is my art with your concept so it is very common to not be entirely what you had in your head. In the end if I cannot make you happy, (very rare) your deposit (see pricing) in whole will pay for my time spent designing.